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    Five Unturned Servers

    Offering PEI, Yukon, Washington and Monolith...Look here!

    Proudly hosting over 672,000 unique players!

    24/7 network, located in France

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    Dark Realm Survival

    RP, Survival, Factions, Minigames, VIP, Residence

    Over 30+ minigames

    Custom built, so much to explore!


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    Garry's Mod Prop Hunt

    Taunt features!

    Up to 30 players!


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    Giveaways and Prizes

    Game Giveaways

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Latest Community & Gaming News

18/10/2016: Kit Sales!

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16/10/2016: October is a spooky month...See you soon

07/09/2016: Cheaters? Rulebreakers?

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Latest from Unturned Update Notes

Edit for Patch: To help the lower spec computers I've brought back the option to use forward rendering, but it's not recommended. Decal objects will be converted to a flat plane when swapping between modes. Update Notes: Additions: Added traitor uncovering questline. Added lightningstrike b... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson Update Notes

Update Notes: Additions: Added Lieutenant Oswald in charge of scouting the area. Added Doc Ernie blueprint unlocks/dialogue. Added Mechanic's engine repair quest. Added Medic's research recovery quest. Added Ensign Franklin to buy replacement uniforms from. Added Nautical Nuisance quest for Rusty. A... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson Update Notes

NPCs: This week I improved and expanded a lot of the NPC features, added the ability to have objects tied to quests e.g. fixing the map's radio towers, added the Liberator/new objects to Russia and got started filling it with characters/quests. If you do visit the Liberator there are several interes... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson

NPCs Progress Report

This week I've been working on the backend/functionality for NPCs and I'm quite happy about the amount of progress so far! Characters are created with a new object type where you specify all the clothes, gear, equipped items, hair, etc you want them to have and then can be placed in the level editor... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson

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22/10/2016 - 03:40:32am

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